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  Last week,we said that Iris drew a very special apple tree,and understood that the most important thing was that she had created it on her own.There was a new garden at Junior’s house,with roses,tulips,and sunflowers.It was beautiful.Junior loved this garden,and watered it every day.




  But in the past few days,Junior’s grandmother had been sick,so he had to stay at her house to help her for a while.He was very worried about his garden.What would happen if he couldn’t water it?




  Oxford said,“Don’t worry,Junior.After you leave,I’ll water the garden for you.”Junior was very happy,and thanked Oxford for his help.Junior was able to leave home worry-free.





  The first day Junior was gone,Oxford spent the entire day at the library.It wasn’t until right before bedtime that he realized he forgot to water Junior’s garden.He reminded himself that he must not forget tomorrow.




  The second day,on his way to Junior’s house,Oxford saw that a new bookstore had opened.The moment he poked his head inside,he forgot entirely about watering the garden.




  By this time,it was already the third day,and Junior was coming home.Upon arriving,he was very shocked to discover that all his beloved flowers shriveled.





  Junior was very sad,and went to ask Oxford what had happened.It was only then that Oxford again remembered he was supposed to water the flowers.Teacher Rolin sighed.


  “Oxford,if you can’t water the flowers every day,don’t say you can.You promised Junior you would help him,and you should have kept your promise.Otherwise,who will believe you when you say anything?Who will trust you with anything?”




  Oxford looked at the wilted flowers,and felt very guilty.He told Junior,“I’m sorry.I wasn’t true to my word.It’s my fault that the flowers wilted.I’ll help you plant new flowers in the garden,okay?”




  Junior nodded and forgave Oxford.They went to buy more flowers together,and planted them in the garden.Oxford was final true to his word.





  Arbor Day sometimes called tree planting day would soon arrive.What would happen then?We’ll find out next week.