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  Last week we said that in the Happy Forest, there was a New Year’s Party. After it was finished, everyone made their wishes for the new year.


  上周我们说到,Happy Forest举办了精彩的新年晚会。晚会结束后,大家都许下了各自的新年愿望。


  Pandora’s New Year’s wish was to lose weight. She decided to get rid of her belly fat. She made a detailed exercise plan, and decided to begin on day two of the new year.





  On that day, however, Pandora slept until noon, and completely forgot about her exercise plan.




  After lunch, Junior went to ask Pandora to play badminton with him, but she said she was too tired, so she refused. Pandora yawned, pulled up her blanket and went back to sleep. When she woke up, it was already evening.


  It was only then that she remembered her diet plan, but she was also feeling a little hungry.





  So Pandora lay on the couch, watched cartoons, and ate junk food. She quickly devoured the French fries, sausages, ice cream, and chocolates on the table. By the time she finished eating, it was already very late. Pandora sighed and said, “Ah, I guess I’ll just start tomorrow.”




  After a week, everyone was surprised to see that Pandora was even heavier than the year before. It turns out she’d been putting off her diet. Day after day passed and she hadn’t even yet begun.





  Teacher Rolin laughed and said, “Pandora, you always think you’ll start tomorrow, but when tomorrow is over, there’s always another one. You’ve already made your plan, so don’t make excuses. Get started. It’s the first step to making a change.”




  Pandora was very ashamed. She hung her diet plan on the wall and would see it every morning when she opened her eyes. She gave away all the junk food she didn’t finish, and exercised vigorously. A month later, Pandora’s belly fat was gone! Everyone was very happy for her.





  Many of the children in the Happy Forest had lost their wallets recently. Could there be a thief among them? Who stole the wallets? Let’s find out next week!


  最近Happy Forest的很多小伙伴都丢了钱包,难道森林里出现了一个小偷?到底是谁偷走了大家的钱包呢?我们下周再见咯。